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Q: How long must my child be in residential treatment?

A: Residential treatment can last anywhere from 4 to 6 months. Clients (adolescents in treatment) will receive passes for the weekend depending on treatment progress and only starting after 4 weeks into the program.

Q: Does my child have to drop out of school?

A: Most certainly not. In fact, continuing their education is a priority. The kids continue with their current curriculum in the education program and are taught by the private tutors employed at Caritas, Inc. After completing the residential treatment program, most clients become better students when they return to they regular school.

Q: How much is this going to cost?

A: First, no child in need of treatment is ever refused. A low-cost sliding fee is imposed based on the annual salary of the parents.

Q: I feel so behind the times, I don’t even know what drugs are out there, available to my kids. What is out there, what are they called and what do they do?

A: As parents, we need to educate ourselves on the dangers that are available to our children. The Parent-to-Parent Program will inform you of what you need to know. The program is taught by parents of children who have gone through the Caritas, Inc. residential programs and is opened to parents of children of all ages. Please email or call (401) 722-4644 to find out when the next meeting is being held.

Q: I know my child is using drugs, but I think it may be a behavioral problem, can Caritas, Inc. help my child?

A: Yes. These kids are using drugs and alcohol as a form of escape. Caritas, Inc. provides a nurturing environment and a professional and caring staff for adolescents to come to the root causes of their AOD (alcohol or drug) use.s

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