Why Caritas

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Why Caritas

Did you know that heroin is so pure that you can snort it and get the same effect as injecting it?

Unfortunately, many kids of Rhode Island know.

The problem of teenage drug and alcohol abuse is increasing.  Kids are not only getting involved with drugs at a younger age, they are involved in a greater variety of substances.  Most importantly, kids who use drugs and alcohol represent every race and ethnicity, economic back ground and family composition.  Adolescent substance abuse does not discriminate  

Today, there are no safe areas.  The adolescent mindset is one that knows no fear, doesn’t think about consequences and is immortal.  Our kids are using illicit drugs and alcohol to inhalants and over the counter medicine.  And they are using them all at the same time.

Drug and alcohol abuse in adolescents causes developmental problems and mental health issues.  It also leads to criminal activity, teen pregnancy, STIs, school drop out, poverty, incarceration, and death.

The bottom line, today’s kids represent our future.  If we invest in their welfare today, we are ensuring a sound tomorrow.

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